Conestoga trailers provide the best of two worlds and offer some key advantages. The trailers utilize a moveable tarp system to allow side access for a large variety of loads, When compared with other specialized trailers, there are some key advantages.

A typical van trailer offers three solid side walls, a roof, and and rear doors for shelter and security, while a flatbed trailer provides quick, unrestricted access to all sides of a load, but both trailers tend to be limited when it comes to the freight they can handle. Combining the unrestricted ease of access and open sides of a flatbed trailer with the security and containment of an enclosed trailer makes the Conestoga a unique trailer. Although Conestoga trailers are specialized for heavy and large loads, they are not limited to those loads alone and can handle a wide variety of cargo. Common commodities for Conestoga trailers would be,

  • Steel
  • Lumber, plywood,
  • Machinery


On top of providing flexibility for a variety of freight, Conestoga’s also provide a useful solution when loading docks are occupied or non-existent. The moveable tarp system can retract in any direction allowing for ease of access by multiple forklifts if necessary. Further, independent access to all parts of a load at any point along a route means multiple drop loads are easily achievable from a single trailer.